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Point Card tell or this HP reservation present point cardPromise low price! Cafe & Resturant BENTEN 新潟京浜ホテル

1-3-15 benten Chuo-ku Niigata city
Tel +81-25-249-1177 Fax +81-25-384-8201



Uonuma kosihikari breakfast!

1F restaurant "Benten",So High quality and Delicious rice!

Hours: 7:00am~9:00am
Price: ADV 700JPY / DOS 800JPY

This HP or tell reservation free. (※cash payment only)


Uonuma kosihikari rice is being bought directly from Uonuma Farmer. We're particular about the quality of the rice. So High quality and Delicious rice is being bought directly from a good farmhouse.


■Miso soup

Niigata city has many fermented food-related factory of miso, soy sauce, natto for a long time with Japanese sake brewery. We prepare all Niigata root soul food. Please try it.


■Eggs and vegetables

Eggs and vegetables produced in Niigata

■Original curry

30 limited food a day.



Serve bread and Good french toast!



Our hotel's No,1restaurant menu is a cheerful smile, We keep it in mind. Only the feeling of the all the staff hospitality does its best to send it. Please make sure of the cheerful smile.