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Point Card tell or this HP reservation present point cardPromise low price! Cafe & Resturant BENTEN 新潟京浜ホテル

1-3-15,benten,Chuo-ku,Niigata city,Niigata,
TEL +81-25-249-1177 FAX +81-25-384-8201


■Good location that is a 2minute walk from the Niigata station Bandaiguchi side.

We prepare the beautiful and conferrable room, all semi double bed with duvet style & two-sort pillow calmly.
VOD (video on demand) video free charge.
Free Breakfast ※cash payment only

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■Free breakfast service ticket when check in time

Uonuma kosihikari rice is being bought directly from Uonuma Farmer.
(We're particular about the quality of the rice.
So High quality and Delicious rice is being bought directly from a good farmhouse.)
Attention: It'll be extra charge in case of the reservation which is via another site(RAKUTEN,JYARAN,RURUBU and so on).
You can use this service (Free Breakfast) from this HP ,or telephone reservation / and cash payment only.

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■Computer in all the room And Free LAN, Free WiFi

All rooms semi double bed, and high quality duvet.
Amenity is organic shampoo and rinse (Margaret Joselin) All room you can use free internet LAN and free WiFi.

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■All rooms VOD(video on demand) free charge

All room you can watch the many titles (over 100channels) video free charge.
Popular variety video 100ch titles from the latest Hollywood movie all day, and you can enjoy yourself extraordinarily.

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HAPPY LAND HOTEL +84-28-3824-5111

102-104 Ly Tu Trong Street,Ben Thanh Ward,District1,HoChiMinh City.
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We make dream come true -Enjoying shopping and sightseeing have never been so easy. At Happyland hotel you will find our most complete services by Japanese hospitality style, wonderful location and helpful staff. Happyland hotel, We make your dream come true.

PROMO NOW= Promise our BEST price from only Email

Thank you for choosing to stay with us at Happy Land Hotel.
To show our appreciation to YOU, our distinguished customers. We have setup a special price for direct booking through our E-mail.


102-104 Ly Tu Trong Street,Ben Thanh Ward,District1,HoChiMinh City.
TEL. +84-28-3824-5111 FAX. +84-28-3824-4111